Order This Equipment If You Plan To Host A Crab Night


A lot of restaurants host special-themed nights throughout the week that feature food that isn't normally on the menu. Such an event can be popular, especially if you pair the food with live entertainment or prize draws. One option to consider is crab night, in which you'll offer crab legs and an assortment of side dishes to your patrons. Even if you don't specialize in seafood, your restaurant can get a good reputation in the area for its popular crab nights. If you're starting to plan this type of weekly event, you'll want to buy several new pieces of restaurant equipment. Here are some examples.

Crab Steamer Pots

While your restaurant may have some steamer pots, it's unlikely that they're large enough to hold crab legs. Restaurant equipment stores sell several different sizes of crab steamer pots, which are known for their large volume. These pots have a basket that nests inside of them, allowing you to suspend several large crab legs over boiling water. The number of crab steamer pots that you buy for your restaurant will depend on how many guests you can seat at any given time and how many crab legs you expect to serve during mealtime.

Propane Crab Cooker

It might be possible to cook the crab in your restaurant's kitchen if it's large enough, but you may need to consider other options. Some restaurants will have their staff cook the crab outdoors, which can create a festive environment for the patrons. To do so, you'll want to buy a number of propane crab cookers. These simple devices consist of a stand on which to place the steamer pot and have a built-in burner that you power with a propane tank. There's a temperature control knob that makes it easy to set the burner to your desired level in order to cook the crab properly.

Crab Utensils

You'll also want to buy a large supply of crab utensils, which you can purchase at any restaurant equipment store. Popular crab utensils include a mallet, cracker, and picks. Many restaurant equipment stores sell sets of these utensils, but you can alternatively buy large quantities of them individually. There can be some variation in the materials of these tools. For example, you can find metal mallets and wooden mallets. Some crab enthusiasts prefer mallets made of metal, as they're heavier and thus will typically do a better job of breaking through the hard shell of a crab. Look for these products at a restaurant equipment store.


26 May 2023

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