Casing Jack Location And Preparation


If you're a seasoned oilfield hand, you know how to use a casing jack. If you're new, though, then these marvels can present some issues if you don't prepare properly. Casing jacks are very helpful because they remove equipment stuck in wellbores, including broken casings, but using them isn't as simple as dropping them onto the well and pulling a lever. The ground, the type of casing jack, and even the path the casing jack needs to travel to get to the well all matter. 

The Ground Has to Be Stable and Level

If there is any reason to believe the ground surrounding the wellbore is unstable, keep the casing jack away until you've stabilized the area. These are huge pieces of equipment that are heavy and tall, and if the ground is unstable, the casing jack could topple over, especially if it isn't secured properly. And, if the ground compacts and crushes the wellbore opening, it's going to be harder to retrieve the casing and other equipment.

Where Is the Jack Designed to Go?

Some jacks are designed to be placed right on top of the wellbore while others cannot. While newer models of casing jacks will likely sit right on top of the well, don't assume anything. And, if you're replacing an older casing jack, you'll need to ensure you know about any changes in how the new jack would be attached and positioned before the jack gets to the site. If you're renting a jack, the people delivering it should be able to help you set it up.

Access for Delivery

Casing jacks obviously aren't the smallest items, so access from the entrance to the wellbore needs to be wide enough to allow the vehicle carrying the jack to get through. That means moving parked vehicles and placing other equipment out of the way before the jack is delivered. If you buy your own jack, you'll be able to store it wherever you feel is best, but if you rent a casing jack, the driver bringing it over can't wait around as you try to move things out of the way. Move everything early so that the driver can bring the equipment onto the worksite.

The casing jack will help you retrieve the parts of the broken equipment out of the wellbore. However, you have to ensure the jack is placed correctly so that it works efficiently.

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10 October 2022

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